Monday, March 30, 2009

Saffron Rice with Brazillain Style Egg

I recently went to the Loring Pasta Bar and they had a dish I really liked; it was beef tips with saffron rice and covered with a "Brazilian" style crispy fried egg. The beef tips tasted like my sausage and peppers but they added cilantro (I don't care for cilantro so I left it out). It would never have occurred to me to place a fried egg on rice. My saffron may have been getting old since it didn't color the rice much but I minced some carrot in the rice (I try to hide vegetables in foods).

Sausage and Peppers with Beef Tips

Combine and cook together in a skillet. I taste test the the vegetables and prefer the green pepper slightly crispy. You don't need both meats but I happened to have both in the refrigerator.

Beef - cut bite sized
Polish Sausage - cut on the diagonal bite sized
Onion - cut into large chunks
Green Pepper - bite sized chunks

When almost done add the tomatoes and cook until hot; there will be extra liquid. If you happen to get a very moist can of tomatoes reduce the liquid by cooking it down.

1 can of stewed tomatoes
pepper to taste


Saffron Rice

Prepare the rice as would normally but add some saffron or a little turmeric to the water. Turmeric is similar to saffron and has an attractive yellow color but is more readily available and less expensive than saffron.


Fried Egg

To get a nice crisp edge on a fried egg you need to cook it in butter or oil.

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